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Waiting for a Mate

Waiting for a Mate

Artist: William R Turner

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In the serene backdrop of the Bay Bridge Marina located in Stevensville, MD, an exquisite example of avian grace is captured in this photograph—a Great Blue Heron standing tall on a wooden dock. The heron’s elongated neck and legs accentuate its poised stature as it surveys the tranquil waters that extend into the horizon. The subtle interplay of light and shadow highlights the intricate patterns of its feathers, which are rendered in a palette of earthy tones complemented by hints of vibrant rust and blue.

This image not only showcases the heron’s majestic presence but also encapsulates a moment of peaceful coexistence between nature and human-made structures. The bird’s proximity to a cleat—an object used for securing boats—underscores this harmony. In the distance, a soft haze blurs the line between sky and water, creating an almost ethereal quality that invites contemplation.

The photograph is particularly interesting due to its blend of wildlife photography with elements often seen in landscape compositions. It offers viewers a glimpse into the daily occurrences at Bay Bridge Marina where such sightings are cherished by visitors and locals alike.

  • Paper:  UltraPro Satin 4.0 (68lb)
  • Ink:  11 color, acid-free pigment with chroma-optimizer clear coat
  • Backing (where applicable):  1/8" Conservation-grade Acid Free
  • Glazing (where applicable):  Conservation-grade Clear Acrylic (blocks 99% of UV rays)
  • Matting (where applicable):  4 ply acid-free, conservation-grade

Date: May 2024

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