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Enjoying the Breeze

Enjoying the Breeze

Artist: William R Turner

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The lens captures a moment of serene beauty—a Great Blue Heron gracing the wooden dock at Bay Bridge Marina. This avian aristocrat stands tall, its elongated neck arched gracefully, as if paying homage to the surrounding waters. Let us dissect the elements that make this image a masterpiece:

  1. The Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias):

    Our protagonist, a true emblem of wetland habitats, stands with unwavering poise. Its plumage, a harmonious blend of blue-gray hues, hints at both strength and subtlety. The heron’s stature is regal, its presence commanding respect.

  2. Feathered Adornments:

    Each feather is a testament to nature’s precision. The heron’s neck feathers cascade like a silken waterfall, their edges defined and crisp. Rust-colored accents add warmth to the cool palette, while white streaks punctuate the ensemble.

  3. The Beak:

    A finely honed weapon, the heron’s beak is slightly agape. Its sharpness suggests readiness for a swift strike—a testament to its piscivorous diet. The beak’s elongated form mirrors the bird’s elegant silhouette.

  4. Dockside Drama:

    The wooden dock, weathered by sun and salt, provides a rustic stage. The heron’s feet, hidden beneath the water’s surface, grip the planks with practiced ease. The juxtaposition of natural grace against man-made structure is a visual treat.

  5. Maritime Backdrop:

    Bay Bridge Marina, nestled on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, lends context. The water’s calm ripples frame our subject, emphasizing the symbiosis between avian life and human habitation. The marina’s masts and boats stand as silent witnesses to this avian ballet.

In this tableau, the Great Blue Heron embodies patience, resilience, and the delicate balance of ecosystems. As the sun dips below the horizon, the heron remains—an avian sentinel, guardian of the waters.

  • Paper:  UltraPro Satin 4.0 (68lb)
  • Ink:  11 color, acid-free pigment with chroma-optimizer clear coat
  • Backing (where applicable):  1/8" Conservation-grade Acid Free
  • Glazing (where applicable):  Conservation-grade Clear Acrylic (blocks 99% of UV rays)
  • Matting (where applicable):  4 ply acid-free, conservation-grade

Date: May 2024

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