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2023 Deal Island Skipjack Races - The Fannie Dougherty

2023 Deal Island Skipjack Races - The Fannie Dougherty

Artist: Jacklyn Brower

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"The Fannie Dougherty" taken by Jacklyn Brower captures the skipjack for which the photograph was named as she bears down on the photographer.  This image captures the elegance of the Fannie Dougherty's sails as the sail begins to fill with wind.  This image makes a great statement piece for any marine art enthusiast that is looking to bring this beautiful, iconic piece of history into your home or office.

  • Paper:  UltraPro Satin 4.0 (68lb)
  • Ink:  11 color, acid-free pigment with chroma-optimizer clear coat
  • Backing (where applicable):  1/8" Conservation-grade Acid Free
  • Glazing (where applicable):  Conservation-grade Clear Acrylic (blocks 99% of UV rays)
  • Matting (where applicable):  4 ply acid-free, conservation-grade

Date: September 2023

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