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2023 Deal Island Skipjack Races - Return of the Ruark

2023 Deal Island Skipjack Races - Return of the Ruark

Artist: Jacklyn Brower

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"The Return of the Ruark" taken by Jacklyn Brower, features the Rebecca T Ruark in her debut after being docked for repairs following the tragic accident in January 2023 where a drunk driver drove off the wharf and crashed into her causing significant damage that would cripple her for the majority of the year.  The Rebecca T Ruark was put back in the water just days before the 2023 Deal Island Skipjack Races where just a week before the event, it was still unknown if she'd sail in the race.

  • Paper:  UltraPro Satin 4.0 (68lb)
  • Ink:  11 color, acid-free pigment with chroma-optimizer clear coat
  • Backing (where applicable):  1/8" Conservation-grade Acid Free
  • Glazing (where applicable):  Conservation-grade Clear Acrylic (blocks 99% of UV rays)
  • Matting (where applicable):  4 ply acid-free, conservation-grade

Date: September 2023

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